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Carlo Arlotta is the Chairman of Finlabo SIM. He has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. He was an auditor in PwC for banks and financial intermediaries, and, since 2004, he has been a founding partner of Consilia BM, a consulting firm focused on governance and risk management practices. He is a professor of "Compliance and Risk Management" at the Insubria University of Varese.


 Alessandro Guzzini is the Chief Executive Officer of FinLABO SIM and member of the investments committee. He is graduated cum laude in Engineering and has an MBA from the ISTAO business school. He worked as a business consultant and co-founded Finlabo in 2005 with Anselmo Pallotta. He is a member of AIAF (Italian Association of Financial Analysts) and is a director of MARCAP and Finlabo Investments Sicav SA. He was an adjunct professor at the University of Macerata.


Maurizio Scataglini is the Chief Investment Officer in Finlabo SIM.
He is graduated cum laude in Business Economics and has a Master in Banking and Finance. He has worked as a financial analyst in Unicredit Corporate Banking.


Simone Giuggioloni is Chief Administrative Officer in Finlabo SIM.
He is graduated cum laude in Business Economics and has an MBA from the ISTAO business School. He is a chartered accountant and has worked as a financial analyst in Citibank and Prometeia.


Julia Franco is Responsible for Investor Relations in Finlabo SIM. She holds a PhD. in Economics & Management from Macerata University, an MBA (Hnrs.) from University of Wales-UK and a B.Sc. in Economics. She started her career in the Latin-American branch of Old Mutual Group, in which she worked for 5 years as Economic Specialist, Leader of investment solutions projects and Official Spokesperson for economic topics.

Guido Grandinetti


Guido Grandinetti is Responsible for business development. Enrolled in the Register of Financial Consultants and graduated in Law, he earned an MBA from ISDA Istituto Superiore di Direzione Aziendale - Rome. He has a long and consolidated experience as a General Manager, with a particular focus on commercial aspects. He has worked in Alitalia and other big companies, with different backgrounds in Italy and abroad. He joined the Finlabo team in 2022.


Alessandra Urbani is Administrative Assistant of Finlabo SIM. She collaborates with operational and accounting activities under the guidelines of the Chief Administrative Officer. Furthermore, she supports the activities of customer service, internal information flow and logistics. She joint Finlabo in 2010.


Donato Squarciotta is a Financial Analyst of Finlabo Sim. He holds a degree (Hns.) in Banking and Economics from Macerata University with focus on financial markets. The title of his thesis project was “Options: a tool for managing market risk in equity portfolios”. The research project was developed in the context of an internship in Finlabo SIM.


Alessia Minnucci is Middle Office Analyst in Finlabo SIM. She holds a Master degree in Financial Markets and institutions from Macerata University. Her thesis project was focused on voluntary pensions. Before joining Finlabo he had one year work experience in the banking sector.




Edoardo Mari is Risk Manager of FinLABO Sim. He has a degree in Economics from Università Politecnica delle Marche and a Master’s degree in Finance & Merchant Banking from LIUC – Università Cattaneo. He previously worked as an analyst in an investment fund.




Matteo Anconetani is database analyst at FinLABO SIM. He holds a Master's degree in Data Science for Economics and Business from Università Politecnica delle Marche, presenting an analysis on the use of data analytics techniques for business intelligence. He joined Team Finlabo in 2023.


Laura Aglieta is an administrative employee in Finlabo Sim. She has obtained a law degree presenting her graduation thesis about cybercrime and the use of information technology resources in court. She joined the Finlabo team in 2023.


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