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Asset Management

Thanks to the experience gained in the Quantitative Models management and in the Absolute Return strategies, FINLABO SIM is able to design innovative solutions for managed Funds and Management Companies.
FINLABO SIM is the investment manager of FINLABO INVESTMENTS SICAV, a multi-class Luxembourg SICAV that provides an high added value set of strategies on both stock and bond markets.

FINLABO Investments SICAV is actually composed of four sub-funds:

  • Dynamic Equity: a long-short equity fund investing in European financial markets. The fund received MondoHedge Award 2011 for achieved performance in 2010.
  • Dynamic Emerging Markets: a long-short equity fund investing in emerging countries financial markets.
  • Dynamic US Equity: a long-short equity fund investing in the North American markets.
  • Dynamic Allocation: Balanced fund that combines bond (Sovereign and corporate) and long- short equity strategies .

For more information, please visit FINLABO SICAV.



Finlabo does not take into account principal adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors considering that: 1) the size, the nature and the scale of the activities of Finlabo are not deemed likely to create material adverse impacts on sustainability factors; 2) the risk profile of the products distributed and the investment services provided by Finlabo is mainly determined by risk factors other than sustainability-related risk factors; 3) there’s currently a lack of information and data available to adequately assess such principal adverse impacts.


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