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Wealth Management

Financial Advice is a complex task that requires in-depth analysis of the economic and financial position of a client in order to develop investment strategies and more appropriate legal and tax structures. The process developed by Finlabo SIM is divided into four phases:

Strategic Planning

The first step is to identificate customer’s assets (securities, real estate, insurance) in order to achieve a comprehensive assessment of customer’s activity and consequent tax implications.
We evaluate each customer’s needs and preferences by determining spending and lifestyle requirements, anticipated large capital expenditures, risk appetite and knowledge of different types of investment opportunity.

Investment Policy

Based on information gathered, Finlabo SIM draws up a step-wise plan to implement the asset allocation that consider the trade-offs between risk and return. This enables us to provide the appropriate level of portfolio diversification. With the help of tax accountants are also offered the most appropriate legal vehicles to the customer's situation.

Investment Proposals

Coherently with the Investment Policy, Finlabo SIM identifies the most appropriate financial instruments based on the output of a proprietary quantitative framework. The client is also supported in the relationship with banks and brokers and the identification of those most suitable for trading, custody, administration services.

Portfolio Construction and Rebalancing

Periodically, taking into account current market conditions, economic trends and information supplied by the customer, Finlabo SIM analyses each client’s portfolio on an ongoing basis and evaluate possible adjustments to achieve the desired objectives.

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Finlabo does not take into account principal adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors considering that: 1) the size, the nature and the scale of the activities of Finlabo are not deemed likely to create material adverse impacts on sustainability factors; 2) the risk profile of the products distributed and the investment services provided by Finlabo is mainly determined by risk factors other than sustainability-related risk factors; 3) there’s currently a lack of information and data available to adequately assess such principal adverse impacts.


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