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Distinctive Points

Independence, Quantitative Approach, Absolute Return Objective, "Tailor Made" Advisory for a superior performance.

  • Independence: Finlabo SIM, is a private company owned by its management and by Fimag Spa (an industrial group with a turnover of about 300 milion of euro). The involvement of management and the presence of a well-established industrial group in the company, ensures strength, independence and the absence of conflicts of interest.
  • Quantitative Approach: research and investment strategies developed by Finlabo SIM are mainly based on mathematical models and in-house software. This approach, that is also known as "quantitative", helps the investor to properly manage the emotions that, in many cases are the greatest obstacle to achieving the desired results.
  • Absolute Return methodologies: in the last decade, the trend of financial markets and developed countries economies has shown the inadequacy of "buy and hold” strategies: Finlabo has focused on absolute return investment strategies, which can generate positive returns in every market condition.
  • Tailor Made Services: Finlabo SIM is a financial boutique which offers highly personalized investment services based on a careful analysis of the clients needs.
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